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Yes, we're still here... No, there've not been any updates lately... No, no trivia either... Yes, we still plan to resume trivia soon... ...

Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights restated State Representative Mitchell Kaye of Georgia wrote the following: We, the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get ...

News Flash - Prostitution Alive and Well in Iran...

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... even in remote areas closed to the corrupting influence of Western culture.  They've come up with a unique solution to the problem... set up ...


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ve been trying to escape this home, then my father silly, I am free, but found that can not let go of everything here. My father, ah, hard for the rest of my ...

(Post-War) Quote of the Day

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"The success of this occupation can only be judged 50 years from now. If [they] at that time have a stable, prosperous democracy, then we shall have succeeded." ...

Little Johnny (about his dad)

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It's the first day of school and the teacher thought she'd get to know the kids by asking them their name and what their father does for a living. The first little girl says: ...

A Moral Question

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I have a moral question for you. This is an imaginary situation, but I think it is fun to decide what one would do. The situation: You are in the Middle East, and there is a ...


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