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83 things you do NOT want your System Administrator to say

Viewed 58 times
83 things you do NOT want your System Administrator to say: - 1. uh-oh.... 2. Oh S***! 3. What the heck?!? 4. Go get your backup tape. (You DO

The Doctor's Office

Viewed 19 times
They always ask at the doctor's office why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong and sometimes it is embarrassing. There's nothing worse ...

Steve Allen

Viewed 19 times
Steve Allen, Renaissance Man: ...describing Allen as a comedian is like describing Leonardo da Vinci as a "painter." Like Leonardo, Alien is a Renaissance man. Besides being ...

You know you're a Floridian if...

Viewed 18 times
You know you're a Floridian if... Socks are only for bowling. You never use an umbrella because you know the rain will be over in five minutes. A good parking place has ...

25 Ways To Tell You're Grown Up

Viewed 16 times
1.  Your Houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2.  Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3.  You keep more food than beer in the ...

God as a Computer Programmer

Viewed 15 times
Some Important Theological Questions are Answered if we think of God as a Computer Programmer.  Q: Does God control everything that happens in my life? A: He could, if he used the ...

Business Slogans Translated

Viewed 14 times
From "American Demographics" magazine: Here's a look at how shrewd American business people translate their slogans into foreign languages: When Braniff translated a slogan ...

Capitalism and Cows

Viewed 14 times
TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM - You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income. AN AMERICAN ...

It takes an Italian Man to make a Woman feel like a Woman...

Viewed 13 times
On a recent transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm. The turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when one wing is struck by lightning. One woman in ...


Viewed 13 times
They were alone in the house. It was a cold, dark stormy night. The storm had come up quickly and each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump. She looked across the ...

January 4, 2000

Viewed 13 times
Best case scenario. January 4, 2000 Dear Valued Employee: Re: Vacation Pay Our records indicate that you have not used any vacation time over the past 100 year(s). ...

A Redneck Christmas

Viewed 13 times

Angels we have heard on high...

Viewed 13 times
In the spirit of the season, here's a Christmas angel for all the ladies out there...

Are you a prostitute or a software consultant...

Viewed 12 times
Are you a prostitute or a software consultant… 1. You work very odd hours. 2. You are paid a lot of money to keep your client happy. 3. You are paid well

Brave Dog

Viewed 12 times
brave dog

Windows NT wallpaper

Viewed 12 times
NT fire

Redneck Limo

Viewed 12 times
Recently spotted on eBay...
redneck limo

The First Christmas Joke of the Season

Viewed 11 times
Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "In honor of this holy season," Saint Peter said, "you must each possess something that ...

Lawyer Jokes

Viewed 11 times
The post office just recalled their newest stamps: they had pictures of lawyers on them...and the people couldn't figure out which side to spit on. How are an apple and a ...

What you didn't learn in school

Viewed 11 times
For high school and college graduates, here is a list of 11 things they did not learn in school. In his book, Bill Gates talks about how feel-good, politically correct ...

30 things Girls Think Guys Should Know

Viewed 11 times
30 things Girls Think Guys Should Know 1. Don't ever lie to us; we always find out. 2. We don't enjoy talking dirty to you as much as you enjoy listening. 3. Don't say ...

Laboratory Tests

Viewed 11 times
Laboratory Tests Two children were sitting outside a clinic. One of them was crying very loudly. 2nd Child: Why are you crying? 1st Child: I came here for a blood test. ...

Donald Rumsfeld Quotes

Viewed 11 times
Congress, the press, and the bureaucracy too often focus on how much money or effort is spent, rather than whether the money or effort actually achieves the announced goal. When ...


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