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On June 19, 1864, the USS Kearsarge, in one of the most important naval battles of the Civil War, sank the Confederate raider CSS Alabama, in the English Channel near the port city of Cherbourg, France. In September this year (2004), Cherbourg was named a historic Civil War site, the first outside the US, by the Civil War Preservation Trust.

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WHO GOT IT RIGHT:  John Trotter, Duke Duquette, Robert Walker, Pete Daggett, Dr Feelgood, JP Weigt, George Oldroyd, Bob Milligan, R Flynn, Denny Maxwell, Fred Holcomb, Trish Boggs, Rick Gough, Robbie Moore, Arne Haaning, George Van, Thomas Sakkos, Kay van Nielen, Iron Saul, and Moana Kutsche.

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