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Xiao Zhongxiong-Liu Canyang _ txt Novel Paradise

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:20 PM

Yan Tieyi said with a smile, "The most important thing is to be careful when you pass the money. You should avoid suspicion and check yourself. If I help you tidy up, if you lose one or two and a half yuan, won't you think I've wiped your oil?" With a chuckle, Leng Ningqi winked at him. "Come on, my master, don't be sarcastic. In your opinion, this little bit in front of you is like sending a beggar. You can also think about it."? Besides, my people can be wiped away by you, not to mention these mere external things! Yan Tieyi put her arms around her chest and said lightly, "Don't be so generous. In fact, I won't hit you with the idea of money, and you can't let me hit this idea." "Big boss," said Leng Ningqi, "I'm not just talking for fun. I really don't care about you. As long as I have it, I can give you whatever you want. You have a lot of money. But I guarantee that you haven't experienced a woman like me who has both sex and art. I am me. Let you have all the power in the world and deter Kyushu. It's hard to find a perfect natural sculpture like mine. How about it? Do you want to try? With a wry smile, Yan Tieyi said, "I've been favored many times. I don't want to be touched. It's just that the way is different. I appreciate it." Leng Ningqi said earnestly, "Big boss, I do this purely as a kind of dedication, a kind of reward, and also as an expression of gratitude. Because you have all I have, even more and better. Therefore, the only thing I can dedicate to you is my body. Big boss, this body is no longer innocent, but it can give you satisfaction and happiness. Besides, I don't want a name, and I don't want a price." Will not drag you down, even later you do not want to think about it, for me, but will leave a meaningful and precious memories, I have been wandering all my life,ultrasonic cutting machine, notorious, but I finally really dedicated myself to a person worthy of my dedication! After a moment's silence, Yan Tieyi breathed a sigh of relief and said, "No." "I know you look down on me, and I don't deserve you." Yan Tieyi said gently, "That's not the problem, Leng Lingqi. It's just because there's no love between us yet. It would be too realistic and ugly to build the development of emotion and the expression of mind on carnal desire. I'm not such a person, and I'm not interested in this aspect. Leng Lingqi, if you think you must repay me and be a good person in the future." Is the best way- "" "You're really a fool," said Leng Ningqi. Yan Tieyi said calmly, "This is my usual style. Otherwise, the Yan Tieyi in front of me would not be what people say now." Leng Ning Qi tried again: "No one will know, as long as you I never say!" " "A gentleman should be cautious and independent," said Yan Tieyi. Smiling helplessly, Leng Ning said, "All right, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, Lang Jun." Yan Tieyi smiled and said, "It's a fake play. Don't really do it. You don't know. If I call again, my heart will be tight." Leng Ning Qi said softly, "Big boss, you are so cruel. Don't you even have a chance to ask me to have a dry addiction?"? Even if it is a fantasy, a longing, an illusory dream, you let me be intoxicated for a while. Yan Tieyi shook his head and said, "Don't be so miserable. It's not so serious.".
” There was a touch of deep melancholy on her beautiful face, and there was a hazy smoke in her eyes. The appearance of condensation was like soaking in a glass of mellow wine-bitter and sweet. The excitement at that moment was like infinite emptiness, but the charm was long: "When you said I was your wife in that casino, my whole body was cold, and there was a feeling of overflowing and exploding." It's like the blood is boiling. This taste is formed by too much excitement and too much joy. In that short moment, I feel that I am really your wife. Suddenly, I am so familiar with you, so kind, and so sweet. If we have been together for thousands of years, it seems that we are really connected.. Reason told me it was false, but I tried to deny it, trying to seize the excitement and joy of that moment, bury myself in it, and never face the reality again, but I didn't, because the reality forced me to wake up, so soon! Yan Tieyi stared at her without making a sound. Suddenly she threw her head. "Very silly," she said with a forced smile. "Very stupid, too, aren't you?" Yan Tieyi sighed and said, "What can I say?" Biting her lower lip, Leng Ningqi said resolutely, "Big boss, let's go!" Yan Tieyi said in surprise, "Are you on your way late at night?"? What's the hurry? After a short rest, it will be dawn. Is it not good to go on the road during the day? "I'm not leaving here," said Leng Ningqi quietly. "I have to do one more thing. I have to go to the ruined City God Temple behind the market. They live there every time they pass Majiaji. She immediately realized what Leng Ningqi was referring to. Yan Tieyi said coldly, "Leng Ningqi, do you have to rob the Zhiyuan Escort Agency of this dark dart?" Nodding his head, he said firmly, "I must." Yan Tieyi said disapprovingly, "We have taught others not to be greedy. Similarly, we ourselves must bear in mind not to be greedy. Leng Lingqi, you have already gained a lot. The'Dao Gou Hui 'got 1,500 taels of gold. Liu Dachuan must have won a lot of gold and silver on the occasion." "I've got 1,100 taels of gold spindles, several hundred taels of silver ankles, and more than 4,000 taels of silver notes," said Leng Ningqi. Yan Tieyi said with a straight face, "This is not a small fortune. Why isn't it enough for Leng Ningqi?" Smiling, Leng Ningqi said calmly, "In the future, I will count on the harvest of these times to maintain it. In the future,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, I'm afraid I can't make money in this way any more. So I have to take advantage of the opportunity to get as much money as possible!" Yan Tieyi said, "As far as these two gains are concerned, they are enough to maintain your life." ?


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