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Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:19 PM

With Gao Jianfei, Qiu yuan stopped outside the shed and said to Gao Jianfei with a smile, "Xiao Gao, give me your ID card. The company stipulates that before the operation, you should mortgage your ID card. After the operation, I will return it to you." At this time, how can Gao Jianfei hand over his ID card obediently? "ID card?" Gao Jianfei deliberately pretended to be confused. "What ID card?" "Oh," the smile on Qiu yuan's face immediately became unnatural. In his small eyes, there was a touch of cold light. "Xiao Gao, I think you are a friend. If you have difficulties at home, call me for help. I'll arrange an operation for you right away. Am I a friend of Qiu yuan? Now, what do you mean? Don't treat me as a friend and play with me? Qiu yuan at this moment, and the Qiu yuan that Gao Jianfei knew before, are completely two people! Standing in front of Gao Jianfei, Qiu yuan's face was not good, and his tone of voice also contained a strong element of warning and threat! Gao Jianfei really regretted it! It is reasonable to say that although Gao Jianfei and Qiu yuan have a friendship, that friendship is far from reaching the point of treating each other with all sincerity and being friends of life and death. The main reason why Gao Jianfei trusts Qiu yuan so much is two words. Lack of money! It's really too short of money! This directly caused Gao Jianfei to lose his mind! Now this situation, it is clear that Gao Jianfei is not allowed to withdraw calmly! Just now in the car, the "Hong elder brother" and the "plane elder brother", two people talked about the matter on the road, is to cut off other people's hands, is also illegal detention,ultrasonic metal welding, this is obviously to frighten and deter Gao Jianfei. Now, the wilderness, called every day should not, the other side has several people, and here is their territory, make a phone call casually, it is estimated that you can pull a few cars over! It can be said that if Gao Jianfei wants to leave by force, I am afraid he will be beaten up directly,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, or even stabbed several times! "I really don't have my ID card." Gao Jianfei could only suppress the anger and panic in his heart and pretend to be confused. There was no smile on Qiu yuan's face at all. He looked at Gao Jianfei coldly, just like a wolf looking at a sheep. "OK, Xiao Gao, are you pretending to be with me?"? If you don't hand in your ID card, it's nothing. The operation is still done, and I still give you the money. In a word, since you've come, don't go back on your word! After a pause, he took out a crumpled piece of printer paper from his pants pocket. "Xiao Gao, this is an agreement. You signed it." Gao Jianfei took the printed paper and saw that it was a contract, probably the content of which was. Gao Jianfei voluntarily donated one of his kidneys to a person named "Chen Qiang". During the operation, if there is any accident, Gao Jianfei's family will not be held accountable. This is totally an overlord contract! "I don't think this contract has any legal benefits. I've never heard of such a contract!" Gao Jianfei directly handed the paper contract back to Qiu yuan. "It doesn't matter whether you sign this contract or not. I think it's better to avoid it!" In fact, Gao Jianfei is right. This kind of unilateral contract is not protected by any law at all! Originally, selling kidneys is strictly prohibited by the state, ultrasonic cutting machine ,sonicator homogenizer, even if it is to donate kidneys, it must go through a series of formal channels. And Chiu yuan and the company behind him, knowing that the contract is invalid, still let every kidney seller sign, the main purpose, in the event of future exposure, they have this contract in their hands, legally, can also have a little bit of explanation. With this contract, plus some connections, the crime of illegally selling kidneys will be weakened a lot! Qiu yuan did not go to pick up the contract that Gao Jianfei handed back. The muscles in the corner of his eyes jumped a few times. "Xiao Gao, don't look for yourself!" At this time, the back of the "Hong elder brother" and "plane elder brother", as well as the front of several big men, are directly toward the high gradually flying around.
"*** your mother!"! Sign it or not? That "Hong elder brother" roars loudly, "do you believe me to kill you!" The seventh chapter is to think hard. The seventh chapter is to think hard. "Don't go too far, Chiu yuan!" The matter has come to this point, Gao Jianfei can only throw caution to the wind, "I just won't sign today!"! Between us, we know each other well. You know, rabbits are driven crazy and bite people! Qiu yuan stared at Gao Jianfei for a few seconds, and then he pulled out a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth. "Well, I'm doing business, and it's the last word to be kind and make money. I don't want to kill you unless I have to. Since you don't want to sign, that's all right. Let me go in and stay honest!" Chiu yuan, pointe to that sheep-felt shed, shout in a harsh voice. With that, he snatched up the contract and tore it to pieces. To put it bluntly, Qiu yuan has been threatening Gao Jianfei, speaking of, really want to kill Gao Jianfei and so on, that is impossible. As long as Gao Jianfei does not run away and does not firmly oppose surgery, Qiu yuan can also tolerate other things. Besides, Chiu yuan was also afraid of "forcing" Gao Jianfei to go crazy, which would bring disaster to his own family afterwards. Therefore, this contract, Gao Jianfei will not sign, Qiu yuan will not be too reluctant. In Gao Jianfei's family, there is a disabled father and a vegetative mother. To say the least, if there is a medical accident and a human life, Qiu yuan believes that in the face of Gao Jianfei's family, throwing tens of thousands of yuan out at will can solve the problem satisfactorily. Gao Jianfei also seemed to understand the bottom line in Qiu yuan's heart. To be able not to hand in an ID card and not to sign an agreement is an extreme that Qiu yuan can accept. If Gao Jianfei wants to leave here, there are only two words. No way! Gao Jianfei can only temporarily stabilize, before the operation at 8 o'clock in the evening, come up with a way to get away. As a result, Gao Jianfei did not say much, but went into the cow's "hair" felt shed. There are about 10 square meters in the cow "hair" felt shed. There's someone in there. Gao Jianfei counted that there were six men in the shed besides him. Some are young, some are middle-aged. One of the middle-aged men, lying on his back in a soft corner,ultrasonic extraction cbd, looked at from the angle of Gao Jianfei. The middle-aged man's face was covered with blood, red and swollen, like a pig's head. It was obvious that he had been beaten up.


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