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Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:21 PM

The Marquis and the knight were men of great ability, who, being young and vigorous at that time, could not help feeling for me, and I was somewhat moved. In order to make me happy, the Marquis even opened the forbidden place here for me to write in this place of birds and flowers. Increase my inspiration. The fairy in the lake seemed to blush when she recalled that year. At that time, the book "History of the Kingdom" was completed here, so it quoted the fairy in the lake. It was also the lake that inspired me. "That period of time should also be my happiest time, but I didn't expect that joy begets sorrow." The tone of the fairy in the lake changed sharply. "When I finished writing the History of the Kingdom, I just thought it was done.". The heart is very comfortable, see here the lake is clear, so I immediately jumped into the lake to swim. As I swam, I drowned. People: "" "This lake is the fountain of life, and one sip is enough to keep you from hunger for a day.". But also because life is too full, people jump into it. Instead, life will be sucked away by the lake. Just like too fertile soil will make plants die. The fairy in the lake shook her head and smiled. "Are you disappointed?"? There is no intrigue or plot twists. It was all just an accident. They looked at each other, and there were still a lot of doubts in their hearts,Micro Gear Motor, but they felt as if it was over, and as if it wasn't. Everyone followed the clues halfway, and they didn't know how the mission was over. This mission is not like an NPC release at all, which requires players to solve any problems. It seems that the player himself has entered into some kind of dispute, and then asked the player how to guide the feeling of the dispute. The old players here all feel vaguely. I'm afraid this mission has many endings, and if you get it wrong, you may not have a hair. Moreover,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the ex curry stick is only a weapon in the novel, which also makes everyone very disappointed. Now I just hope that the real reward for this task will not be too bad. My story is finished. "The lake fairy spoke again." Adventurer, do you still want me to ask for an ex curry stick? People: "" "If it's all right, I'll go back." The fairy in the lake has turned around. Wait Lin Guang opened his mouth. There's still a problem! "Say it!" The fairy in the lake turned back. Lin Guang straightened out his thoughts. "You are Dany, and the Marquis likes you.". You used to have a heart. So I want to ask you, does the Marquis know that you are immortal? If you know. I should come to play with you often. But I don't think it looks like it! Although the scenery here is beautiful and charming, there is no road. Players will inevitably step on some flowers and plants, but the traces of players will be refreshed. And if the Marquis often comes to play, the game design should leave some traces for him. There are indeed stone tables and chairs by the lake, but they are overgrown with weeds, as if no one had used them for 30 years. If the Marquis doesn't come to play, it doesn't make any sense. Lin Guang in the Marquis house has been around a few times, Gear Reduction Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, also did not see any marquise and other NPC, it seems that the Marquis is still single. If the Marquis has not married for Dany, then he must be very much in love. But so much love, but you didn't know there was Danny in the lake for 30 years? Or do you know that there is Dany in the lake, but you still don't care? And Dany did not come out to show her face to him, even if Dany did not like the Marquis, but after all, there was no enmity! It's not boring to come out to chat! Of course, this may also be overlooked by the game design, Lin Guang thought too much, but at this time to see her to go, simply threw out the question. If the fairies in the lake went in, they would have to pour eight more sacks of curry, and Lin Guang felt sorry for them. How interesting The fairy in the lake smiled. "Want to know the truth?"? Then go and look for it! Lin Guang was stunned and looked at everyone. Sure enough, there was still a plot that had not been discovered. But at this time, he did not know what to say. He watched the fairies in the lake walk into the lake step by step. The truth! Shen Hao suddenly jumped out, "There is only one truth!" "Well said!" The fairy in the lake could even answer this, and the man turned back directly, "So tell me, what is the truth?" Shen Hao was stunned and looked left and right at a loss. He said it was only the second grade, and he didn't know the specific truth. Heroes? What do you know? Say it quickly. Shen Hao subconsciously pushed Daxia up.
Daxia frowned: "This task is actually quite complicated. Even if I know the truth, can I really solve the problem?"? Not all the truth can be revealed, and some things are better not to know. Everybody is startled, and the fairy in the lake also has a reply unexpectedly: "I have been dead for 30 years, should say, want to say after all.". I have always felt that it is better to die clearly than to live in a muddle. "Good." Daxia nodded and took a deep breath. Turn one's head to say to the crowd: "The old man is not talented, dare not say oneself must succeed.". But do your best. Don't hold out too much hope. You should know that the more resourceful you are, the better you are. On the contrary, the less confidence they have in their own wisdom. "Daxia is modest." Ordinary people open their mouths, "in the name of the Wind Hero, if we still can't see the truth of the mission, then we are even worse." Daxia shook his head and said, "I am even more exhausted because of my powerful fame." "Daxia." Lin Guang opened his mouth, "hurry up and say the plot, don't be melancholy any more." People: "" Daxia straightened out his thoughts and stroked his long beard: "Do you still remember the last words of the Dark Camp Teacher?"? Something about changing beer and wine bottles. In fact, this sentence can be interpreted in this way, comparing the bottle to the body and the wine to the soul. This mentor is from the dark camp. I think this metaphor should be reasonable. Then everything is clear. Everyone was stunned and hurriedly recalled the original meaning of that sentence. And Daxia went on to say, "The original sentence is, 'Even if the bottle of beer and the bottle of red wine are exchanged, the essence inside is still the same.'" And if it is interpreted,Small Dc Gear Motor, that is, even if the soul is exchanged, you are still you! Is the old man right? The fairy in the lake changed her face slightly and said nothing. What do you mean? The expression of ordinary people is already quite surprised.


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