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Heng Dao Seizes Love -- Fu Yu

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:20 PM

She wiped away her tears, angry and ashamed. I Our bet is not over yet. I know. When you're ready, the bet goes on. "I haven't given up yet." "Uh-huh.". You didn't lose. "That.." The house I live in always has a squeaking sound every night. Zhou Heng pushed his glasses and told her the secret. Maybe there are rats. Zhao Xiaodao: ".." Convex (dish ***)! —— Wake up, eat porridge, Zhao Xiaodao is a hero. The sun was shining, and she fell in love with life again. When she left, she didn't tell Zhou Heng that she couldn't trouble him all her life. She just thought of the rats in the rental house, and she was a little concerned. Finally, she came up with a brilliant plan. She and Wenka sent a message on Wechat, "Can mahjong catch mice?" Vinca: "Yes …" I'll help you raise mahjong for a few days. Didn't you say you were going to shoot out of town? Vinca: Do you have mice in your house? Zhao Xiaodao: ".." Why is her idol always so smart. Witty as he is. —— An hour later, Vinca was wearing a big hat, under which a handsome face was covered from beginning to end by a big mask. He held a fat cat in his arms, and when he saw Zhao Xiaodao,Edible oil filling machine, he gave an affectionate meow. You live here? Vinca looked ugly. "Is that what he did to you?" Get her to live in a slum? Don't say that. It's cheap here. I found my own house. The house is indeed a bit messy, Zhao Xiaodao threw the things on the sofa to the ground, and finally found a place for Wenka to do it. Wenka's eyebrows jumped, put the mahjong on one side of the table, turned around and began to clean up the house for Zhao Xiaodao. He moved quickly and soon got into order. Zhao Xiaodao was even more ashamed. She asked Aidou to help her clean the house. And- If she hadn't tried to stop her,liquid bottle filling machine, Aidou would have washed her underwear. —— "I checked and found the rat's nest for you." Wenka put two or three little mice in a cage and turned to look at Zhao Xiaodao. "Tomorrow I will go out to film, and I may not come back for months.". Put the mahjong here first. He is good at catching mice and snakes. Very impressive. In terms of food, I also bring my own cat food, and remember to give it something to eat every day. I have also contacted the pet doctor. He will come to bathe it regularly. You don't have to worry about it. Mahjong seemed to feel that he was about to be abandoned, and went around to Wenka's leg and meowed twice. Wenka squatted down and touched her chubby stomach. "Be good and take good care of her.". If someone bullies her, bite him. Mahjong meowed cleverly again. Zhao Xiaodao was even more ashamed. Why, in front of Zhou Heng, she is like a child, why in front of Winka, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine, there is the same feeling. Finally, when Wenka left, he taught her a lesson, "Don't fight with Zhou Heng. If you want to divorce, you can divorce directly.". I said, he doesn't support you, I support you. "Then.." That's not good. We are not relatives. If it's a childhood kindness, it's been so long. And his previous kindness in taking him in and saving his life was enough. We Vinca hesitated to speak, but in the end he said nothing. Anyway, you have to remember. No matter when, I will help you. Vinca raised his hand and waved to her. Go back and lock the doors and windows. To be honest, Zhao Xiaodao's self-care ability is much worse than he thought. However People can change. She just washed the clothes by herself, and she had a good appearance. —— Not far away, Junye Group. Zhou Heng drank the honey water and raised his eyebrows slightly. You said Vinca was going to help her with the house? Tao also nodded. Vinca seems to have a lot to do with his wife. "Is it?" Zhou Heng put down the mug, "then let him go away.". Help him pick up a long drama for a year and a half. Tao also: "… …" In the past year, he has become accustomed to the good upbringing of his boss. Right. Miss Zhou Qing wants to see you. Since that day, Zhou Heng saved Zhou Qing once, this Zhou Qing felt good about himself, like cowhide candy, can no longer get rid of.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. She felt that no matter how cruel Zhou Heng had been to her before, she still had her in her heart. This is about the action of the body is greater than that of the brain. His reason told him that they were impossible. But the body honestly saved her first. —— After receiving Zhou Heng's refusal, Zhou Qing was not surprised. Judy has been disappointed in her. Ching, we had a deal. We'll leave when you're better. It's not easy for you to get out of the muddy water of Huang Lin. Do you still want to get into the muddy water of Zhou Heng? Do you know how you have been scolded on the Internet? The public used to sympathize with Zhou Qing. But since Zhou Heng saved Zhou Qing, separated from Zhao Xiaodao, and Zhao Xiaodao moved to a poor rental house, online public opinion has fallen. Zhou Qing has also changed from the original white moonlight to a scheming green tea lady's watch. I don't care. These people can't remember my bad for a lifetime. Zhou Qing thought that now Junye was Zhou Heng's. If Zhou Heng is hers, then Junye will also be hers. As for fame, does it matter? —— Judy shook her head, not expecting that the artistic talent she held out in one hand would come to such a state. You go ahead and do it. I'm going back. Sooner or later, you will regret it. Regret? Zhou Qing will not regret it. She only regretted that she had not come back earlier. Let Zhao Xiaodao draw a heavy knife in Zhou Heng's heart in vain. However Zhou Heng still chose her. Zhou Qing raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and his heart was full of joy and pride. Until a familiar voice came to my ear. Xiaoqing,liquid bottle filling machine, long time no see. The author has something to say: This is the character of the man. Calculate everywhere, calculate all the time, and be good at lying.


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