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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155550

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:15 PM

Nameless and Wang Simiao, under the signal of asking for love, one after another offered a spiritual device that could illuminate the surroundings, and carefully checked around to see if there were other forks around, causing several people to go wrong, and then several people turned back and galloped away according to the way they came! On the return trip, several people were not as careful as before, running all the way, but checking the surrounding mountain walls more carefully. A few hours later, with a deep sigh, Chen Feng waved his hand and stopped several people from moving forward. He looked dignified and said, "Forget it. We don't have to go any more. Although we spent a lot of time before, it never took so long. And there was no fork in the road along the way. That is to say, we didn't move at all!" "But, but how could it be like this?" Wang Simiao's face flashed a trace of panic, nameless and ask for love is the same, the face is very ugly. In the cave, there was a brief silence, four people did not speak, the atmosphere became extremely depressed. Boss, do you have any idea? After a while, Wang Simiao took the lead in breaking the silence and asked Chen Feng. Shaking his head, Chen Feng gave a wry smile: "I don't have a good way to deal with this. In fact, I have encountered similar things before!" "Oh?" Several people heard that Chen Feng had also touched this kind of thing, not from curiosity, since Chen Feng had touched, then how did he get away before? Seeing the looks of several people,Silver Travertine Slabs, Chen Feng naturally knew what they were thinking, so he told them in detail what he had encountered in the Tianfo Palace. Boss, boss, are you saying that this darkness that can't get out is a ban set by the emperor? "I think so!" Chen Feng showed a wry smile at the corners of his mouth. If this is really the ban set by the emperor, the probability of several people going out is almost negligible. Boss, didn't you go out with perseverance? Like, if that's the case, let's, let's just go straight ahead. Wang Simiao simply looked at Chen Feng, his eyes full of hope. Yes,Grey Marble Slab, I remember that day, Chen Fengxing was dying, as if he had experienced countless reincarnations. First, he grew old slowly in the dark until the whole person fell into a state of collapse. Then, with a necklace made by Qiu Xuan for himself, he found the hope of living and broke the ban. But the last time and this time is different, the last ban is entirely the ancient Buddha wants to test whether the mind of the monk is firm or not, belongs to the act of goodwill. But this time is completely different, Chen Feng never think, this emperor will be bored to such an extent! Said his own ideas, Chen Feng heart rose a trace of despair, in the eyes of the emperor, oneself and others but the existence of ants, if here is really a ban set by an emperor, then oneself and others can really go out? Desperation, like the tide, slowly spread in the black space, through the skin of several people, slowly flowed into the hearts of several people, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,white marble mosaic, Chen Feng, Wang Simiao and three people asking for love, you look at me, I look at you, face in addition to blankness or blankness. However, unlike several people, the nameless always stood aside, as if meditating on something. After a while, the nameless eyes suddenly flashed a ray of light, as if to think of something, then a single hand turned over, a golden amulet appeared in the palm of the hand, immediately nameless to the amulet void point, the amulet hit a burst open, a noble gas broken amulet! "Whew!" At the moment when the amulet is broken, the white aura brings up a bright Shenhua, which is dazzling and incomparable. Its powerful energy seemed to fragment the whole darkness, and the endless darkness shook fiercely, as if even it could not withstand the sudden powerful energy! "What is this?" Chen Feng noticed that the earth at his feet was suddenly trembling, and in his heart he was ecstatic and asked hurriedly. But the nameless did not speak, and there was a curious smile at the corners of his mouth. This is not a ban set by the Great Emperor! After thinking about it for a while, the smile on the nameless face was stronger, and at the same time there was a flash of fanatical excitement in his eyes.
Huh? Several people were stunned in place, not only because of the nameless words, but also because of his strange expression, because for so long, there were few other expressions on the nameless face, and it was the first time that several people had seen such a fanatical expression. That is, if it is not forbidden by the emperor, then, then what is it? Wang Simiao's thinking at this time has been completely insufficient, there is no way, can only stumble to ask. A deep look at Wang Simiao, the nameless smile is still, but he has long been accustomed to indifference, smiling is so wretched! "This is the magic weapon your grandfather gave me to save my life, which contains a trace of his old man's spirit!" Huh? Is Wang Simiao's grandfather also a strong emperor? Chen Feng Leng Leng, a strange look at the small simple, then the face also appeared a color of ecstasy. Just now, when the nameless amulet was released, the darkness at his feet suddenly trembled, which showed that the amulet containing the spirit of the Great Emperor worked for it. In that case, putting a few more pieces would probably break the ban. Thinking of this, Chen Feng hurriedly opened his mouth and said with a smile, "That's very good. In that case, it shouldn't be too late. Put a few more charms and let's break through the battle array." Hearing Chen Feng's words, several people's faces flashed a trace of joy of rebirth after the robbery, and they looked at the nameless one after another! But to the surprise of several people, the nameless heard Chen Feng's words, looked at Chen Feng in astonishment, and then opened his mouth: "No!" "Well, a feeling of almost collapse hit several people's hearts in an instant, and even the man who had always been known for his calmness suddenly became angry and had an impulse to curse the street." No, no? Chen Feng was stupefied for a long time, the corner of his mouth suddenly # # , and opened his mouth to ask the nameless question. It's gone! Nameless answered Chen Feng's words in the affirmative, and his hands were very cooperative! F_ck! Chen Feng crazy, do not know why, since the encounter nameless, Chen Feng into a state of shock seems to be a lot more than before! "Then why are you smiling so happily?" Holding back his anger,pietra gray marble, he remembered the excitement on his nameless face and asked. Because this is not a ban set by the Great Emperor at all! Several people were stunned on the spot again, and without waiting for several people to speak, the nameless continued to speak.

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