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Sandalwood car

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:25 PM

"There should be.." said Mr. Huang. "I don't have any reason," said Nangong Dai. The Sacred Heart felt sorry. Just as he was about to interrupt, Mr. Huang said with a smile, "Miss Nangong, if you want to go to the Valley of Forgetfulness, you must cross the river. Don't forget that Wuyin Shenni may be in the Valley of Forgetfulness." Nangong Dai's face changed and she did not speak. The Sacred Heart grabbed her and said, "Let's go. Nothing is as urgent as saving the old Bodhisattva." Nangong Dai didn't struggle and let her pull her away. On the boat, Mr. Huang ordered the boatman to cross the river by rocking the boat. As soon as the boat moved, Liu Lauder couldn't help asking, "Brother Huang, Yan Ling.." "Listen, little sister," said Mr. Huang, "Yan Ling has gone to the Valley of Forgetfulness." Liu Lauder was stunned and said, "Yan Ling has gone to the Valley of Forgetfulness. How could he know where the Valley of Forgetfulness is? How could Brother Huang know that he has.." "That's right, little sister." Mr. Huang said, "I met a dying man in black not far up the river. This man was one of the stakes outside the'Blood Shadow Temple 'that day. He told me that Yan Ling had hurt him and forced him to tell where the'Valley of Forgetfulness' was." "He also told Brother Huang where the Valley of Forgetfulness was," said Liu Lauder. Mr. Huang nodded and said, "I wanted to save him, but his internal organs were broken. I couldn't save his life. He thanked me for this. Before he died, he told me where the Valley of Forgetfulness was." "Brother Huang went to the Valley of Forgetfulness to look for Liu Yanling," said Liu Lauder. Mr. Huang said, "I'm going to meet him. I understand Yan Ling's intention. He wants to do something for Wulin, so that Wulin can change its view of him." "Yan Ling is confused," said Liu Lauder anxiously. "He's alone. How.." "He's right, little sister," said Mr. Huang. Lauder lowered her head slightly and did not speak. "Amitabha," said the Sacred Heart, "a lucky man has his own destiny. If Liu Qinglong has this trip, he should earn a good fortune. Miss Liu can rest assured." "Thank you,316ti stainless steel, Master, I know," Liu Lauder said in a low voice. The Sacred Heart turned to look at Mr. Huang, opened up the subject, and said with a smile, "Master Huangfu, I have admired the Jade Dragon for a long time. I don't want to get along with him for so long. I don't see it." "Yulong," said Huangfuhua with a smile, "I'm flattered. Huangfuhua is no more than an ordinary man." "It is." "Do you think you are a God?" Said Nangong Dai coldly. Huang Fuhua smiled and ignored her. Sacred Heart said uneasily, "Master Huangfu.." Huangfuhua said with a smile, "Master, I've heard a lot about the Pink Dragon. I've known a lot about Miss Nangong's temper over the past few days." Nangong Daimei opened her eyes and said, "What do you know?" Huang Fuhua smiled indifferently and said, "I understand that the'Pink Dragon 'is a person who only knows how to blame others." Nangong Dai Liu raised her eyebrows and said, "Huang Fuhua, what do you mean by that? Why should I blame myself? I think it's good for me to do so." "That's the girl's own opinion, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316 stainless steel plate," said Huangfuhua. "Nine out of ten people are harsh on others and lenient on themselves, but the girl is not flattering." "What's wrong with me?" Asked Nangong Dai. "Miss Nangong," said Huangfuhua, "a person can be proud, but he can't be arrogant. Especially for a girl, she must have a small temper, but she can't be self-willed, unruly and stubborn. That will make everyone afraid and frown." "" Huangfuhua, don't you dare count me, "cried Nangong Dai. Raised his palm and slapped Huang Fuhua. Huangfuhua didn't move, but the boat suddenly turned around. Nangong Dai was afraid of this. She was so frightened that she quickly withdrew her jade hand. Huangfuhua suddenly smiled: "Girl, please look, the water God is fighting for justice.." "Nangong Dai said angrily," Huangfu, Hua Shao is garrulous with me. We'll talk about it later when we get ashore. Coincidentally, as soon as she had finished speaking, the boat reached the shore. I don't know whether she didn't want to stay on the water more, or whether she was eager to give the "Jade Dragon" a little color to vent her anger. She twisted her slender waist and skillfully swept ashore first, and then waited on the shore with a cold face. "Please, Master Huangfu," said the Sacred Heart in a low voice. Huang Fuhua said with a smile, "I don't need to be reminded by Shifu. I don't have to.".
” With that, he stepped down from the bow of the boat and went ashore with Sacred Heart. When he got ashore, he said, "Let me lead the way." Go straight ahead. "Huangfuhua, stop!" Nangong Dai shouted from behind. Huang Fuhua turned a deaf ear and walked forward. Nangong Dai Liu raised her eyebrows and dodged after her, shaking her hand with a palm. Huang Fuhua stepped to the left, but failed to pass it all. Nangong Dai hit him on the left shoulder and made him roll over. Nangong Dai stopped in a daze. Huang Fuhua turned around and said indifferently, "Miss Nangong's anger can disappear." "Why don't you hide?" Asked Nangong Dai. "If I could hide," said Huang Fu-hua, "I wouldn't get this." Nangong Dai suddenly had a frosty look on her face: "You rank first in Kowloon, but you are not better than you." Huang Fuhua did not speak, but smiled indifferently and turned to walk forward. Behind her, Liu Lauder followed and asked in a low voice, "Brother Huang, does it hurt?" "Thank you, little sister," said Huangfuhua. "It's all right." "It's done!" "Congratulations, brother," said Liu Lauder. "I've been slapped," said Huangfuhua. "What's wrong with my little sister.." "I don't believe you," said Liu Lauder. "It won't hurt even if you hit him with a slap. Why don't you hide? Isn't that enough?" Huang Fuhua's eyes flashed, a smile flashed across his lips, and he did not speak. There was a slight cough behind him. "Daxia Huangfu, where on earth is the Valley of Forgetfulness?" "Between Kuocang and Beiyandang," said Huangfuhua, "I don't know whether it's Kuocang or Beiyandang. I'll have to spend a lot of time looking for it." "What's the matter?" Asked Liu Lauder? The man didn't tell Big Brother. "" All he said was'Kuo Cang ', "said Huang Fu-hua," and then he breathed his last. " "So Yan Ling.." said Liu Lauder. Huang Fu-hua said,uns s32760 plate, "Yan Ling probably knows exactly where the'Valley of Forgetfulness' is, because since he started to press the man, he wouldn't have failed to find out exactly where he was." ?

Guest Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at 4:35 AM

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