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Daily life of the pet girls of the three big men

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:24 PM

Forsythia stretched out his hand to feel Fang's pulse. "Fang, you're recovering well. I'll leave a prescription for medicinal diet and eat it for a while. I'll come back for a follow-up visit in half a month." Fang was startled. "Miss Qiao, are you leaving?"? Stay a little longer. Fang Guodong is bent on detaining, "Yes, Miss Qiao, you regard this as your own home, you are the great benefactor of our Fang family, if you need anything, just mention it." He wished forsythia would take root in the Fang family and follow it wherever he went. But forsythia doesn't like it. "No, I have something to deal with." Fang's family asked him to stay again and again, but Forsythia has decided to go, and there is really no way. With a big wave of his hand, Mr. Fang said, "Miss Qiao, come back and sit down when you are free. You saved my life. If you have anything to do in the future, just open your mouth." Forsythia nodded with a smile, "OK, I won't be too polite to you." Looking at her figure far away, Mrs. Fang frowned. "Why don't you try your best to keep her?" With her, it's like an extra layer of insurance. How reassuring it is. Fang Guodong glared at her angrily. "Don't think about crooked ideas. Miss Qiao is a person who is soft on the outside and firm on the inside. If you offend her, there will be endless trouble. Silver needles can save people, but they can also kill people. Do you think she is docile?" Mrs. Fang's heart trembled. Why didn't she think of this? Forget it, this kind of person can only beg, coax, flatter, please. Before leaving, Fang Guodong handed a box to Forsythia, "This is a thank-you gift." Forsythia raised her eyebrows. "Can you open it?" "Of course." Forsythia opened a look,x52 line pipe, is a house deed, the provincial capital of a house, 90 square meters, there are three thousand yuan in cash, a gold bracelet. Well, she still likes people to give her real estate, so she doesn't have to go shopping. At this time, the house is particularly difficult to buy, and it is basically not in circulation on the market. Thank you, I like it very much. Fang Guodong secretly breathed a sigh of relief,uns s32750 sheet, it seems that Du Heng revealed the news is right. The Fang family specially asked someone to drive the forsythia back, and the whole family enthusiastically watched the car drive away before they went back. Sitting in the car, Forsythia yawned and leaned lazily against the window, looking at the scenery all the way. In fact, there is nothing to see on the road. The road is rough and bumpy. The jeep finally entered the county seat before dusk and drove all the way to the courtyard, attracting people's curious eyes. The people in the yard also looked curiously. Forsythia opened the car door and jumped down, waving her little hand. Cousin, Xiao Jia, Brother Stone, come and help me move things. The three of them ran out, "Cousin, you're back at last. We're all worried to death." "What is there to worry about?" Forsythia will take down your belongings. The back seat was full of sundries, including things bought by Forsythia in the county town and gifts from the Fang family. Several bags of rice flour oil, a Jinhua ham, a whole pork leg, two salted chickens, two salted ducks, several live fish, a box of apples, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x70 line pipe, and many biscuits and chocolate candies. It's full of miscellaneous things. Everything was put in the wing, piled up like a hill, and the three of them, Xu Jiashan, were shocked. The driver said, "Miss Joe, I'm leaving." Forsythia warmly detains, "stay for dinner." The driver is anxious to go back, "No, I have to go back to hand in the job." Forsythia stuffed him with a few apples and a packet of biscuits to fill his stomach on the way. Sending people away, she looked back and saw the crowd staring at her in a daze. Xiaojia, tonight we will eat steamed salted chicken, braised pork, braised fish, and stewed cabbage soup with ham. At the mention of food, Xu Xiaojia's eyes brightened, "good." He has an incomparable fanaticism for eating, and he is probably afraid of suffering. Forsythia sees that the furniture is ready, but it needs to be painted. Not bad. It's really efficient. The house is clean, the bathroom is separated, the sewer is done well, and the tiles are coming. Good work. The tiles and the toilet bowl will be delivered tomorrow. Work harder. Stone's silly smile, this neighbor's sister is really great, I really didn't see it before. Xu Jiashan hesitated, "cousin, where did you get so much money?" Looking at the obviously restless cousin, Forsythia said with a smile, "cure the disease and save the patient.".
” Xu Jiashan's face was at a loss. Are doctors making so much money these days? However, hearing what she said, he was much relieved, as long as he did not steal or rob. She always has a sense of propriety. As soon as the meal was served, the forsythia held a piece of ham, which was salty and delicious, with a hint of sweetness. Xiao Jia's craftsmanship is getting better and better. "My cousin taught me well." Xu Xiaojia was praised and blushed with joy. Forsythia said is to teach, just say not to do, in one side, when to add material, when to add water, she said clearly and logically, but let her personally start, or forget it. Everyone and happily finished the meal, Xu Jiashan took out a handful of money, "yes, we earned money." He did things very carefully and kept an account book, and every account was very clear. Is business good? Forsythia took out a pen and paper to calculate the profit, removed the cost, and earned 80 yuan on the first day. In the next few days, I was not idle. I made sesame cakes and meat buns, and I made a lot of money. It added up to more than 200. Xu Xiaojia danced excitedly, "very good, all line up!"! It was sold out in the afternoon! A lot of people are disappointed. Cousin, I found that cooking is very profitable. On the first day, the stall was closed early, and there was no mutton to sell. He was not willing to think about it, so he urged his brother to make two kinds of food and try the water. I didn't expect it to be so popular that I queued up every day. The location of the store is good, and some people sitting coach come to buy food. Of course. Forsythia is a little surprised, Xu Xiaojia has a little business mind, the brain is very flexible. Are you going to buy it tomorrow? Xu Xiaojia said without hesitation, "I listen to my cousin." Although very infatuated with the satisfaction of making money, but these are my cousin's. Forsythia smiled, "OK,347 stainless steel, continue tomorrow, as long as it's not too hard." Xu Xiaojia is very happy, "how can it be hard?"? I especially like my life now. Life has a head start and a good taste.

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