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What is Delta Airlines change flight policy?

marshmichel426 Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 6:41 AM

If a passenger needs to make modifications to a flight reservation they have already made, they must adhere to the rigorous Delta flight change policy. Below is an explanation of these regulations.

For cancellations, Delta offers a 24-hour window. Users are given the option to cancel their flights at any time without incurring a fee up to 24 hours after purchasing, but basic economy tickets are exempt from this rule.
If you purchase a basic economy ticket, alterations are not permitted after the first 24 hours, however there is no price for refundable tickets.

If you want to change the flight itself while making changes to your flight ticket reservation, you must pay the capital difference; that is, if the purchased ticket costs you more than the original ticket, you must pay the differential amount, and if the new ticket costs less than the original, the airline will reimburse you, either in the form of cash or travel miles that you can use for a future trip.

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