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Harvest (in China) _ Aicien

Willemine Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:02 PM

In this regard, Aileen has already made a good idea, as if arranged by the director. He is a very polite guy, although this is an acquired characteristic through continuous learning-but he also knows that for women, at least most women, they prefer to be passive, so their politeness should be restrained in some cases. All Aileen's decisions will come from rational thinking, and so far there has been no emotional catharsis-he is so impolite to regard himself as a master, does not mean that he wants to occupy a place in her world, all the purpose is to show his man's smell, suggesting the meaning of possession. Neither of them spoke when they drank the milk. Then he Yulin went back to the bedroom to change clothes and comb her hair, and Aileen finally had some sense of propriety and did not follow in. When she came out again, she looked much more energetic than before. She was suddenly a little shy, blushing slightly and lowering her head. "Sorry, I, I have to go to work." Aileen stood up, walked close to her, and said softly, "I see. Well, I'm leaving,Faux cherry blossom tree, too." She dared not look up into his eyes to avoid touching the feigned passion of fire. Everyone has his own private space, in other words, when people come into contact with each other, everyone has their own safe distance range. People can let their relatives and friends stand in front of them for a long time, but they can't allow a stranger to behave so intimately. Ailian saw that he Yulin had not retreated, knowing that he had succeeded more than half, and there was no need to exert pressure any more. He simply turned around and walked towards the door. Aileen came and went in a hurry, arousing a wave in the girl's heart. She involuntarily stopped Aileen who was ready to open the door: "Mr. Ai,artificial banyan trees, you.." But she didn't know what to say and hung her head again. What's the matter? "No, no." I, I mean, your suit.. "It doesn't matter, just throw it away." He laughed cheerfully, then pushed open the door and went out. Excellent men in women's eyes may have beautiful appearance, elegant demeanor, gentle temper, successful career and inexhaustible wealth-but few of them can combine these advantages. Damned Aileen happens to be a near perfect fellow, gentle in manner; pockets like a little bank, and full of dollars; heartwarming, kind and considerate; However, he is not a person who does not pay attention to things, and can make correct judgments in everything-his advantages make it easy for women to fantasize and forget those bad defects-one of his arms is disabled, outdoor ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, and he is always silent and ambiguous about his work, not to mention the feelings that are cleverly hidden and always come from camouflage. Aileen once compared herself to a stray kitten who had just been adopted by her owner. For the sake of food and her own safety, she kept rubbing her head against her owner's calf to win the favor of the other party. Just as kittens are often more lethal to women, Aileen is no less attractive to women. Of course, there is only one person alive in this world who knows this metaphor. Aileen walked out of the room and suddenly turned around. "Yu Fei, where do you work? Can I take you there?" "Don't ***ing sit on my lap." Mai Tao ordered coldly, and the "girl" had to raise her buttocks resentfully, but sat beside him, close to him. I came to you to inquire about a few people. "Who is this?" "She" picked up the photos, looked at them carefully for a while, and then threw them aside in a dull way. "They're all women. You're asking the wrong person. I'm not interested in women." "Don't you know any of them?" "Mai Tao, even you," the "girl" seemed to get angry. "You can't talk to me like that, like interrogating a prisoner." "Well, maybe it's best not to know them. They're all dead." "Dead?"? What's wrong "A series of murders. I didn't find you because you were interested in women, but because of the men around you!" I don't know what you mean.
” We don't have to beat around the Bush. There are a lot of men around you who have relationships with you, so will their sex life be very conservative? I don't see it that way, do you? "That's possible," said the girl, taking off her hat and shaking her long, flowing black hair. "Would you like something to drink?" "No, do you think I dare to drink whatever you have here?" "Oh, at the worst, open a new bottle. After I drink it, you can drink it." "Forget it." When Mai Tao saw "her" scratching her head, he said, "Don't do this. Seduction doesn't work on me." He suddenly wanted to laugh, so he moved his lips imperceptibly. Aileen that guy, I wonder how the "beautiful man trick" is used now? "Well, I'll ask my partner, do you have a backup of these photos?"? Well, that's why you came to me? "No, I have one more request." The word "request" obviously moved the other party. "What is it? Then can I also make a request? "Put your request aside, you know, I have a close relationship with the police, it is easy to punish you, at least put the suspect's hat on you, it is enough.". Don't ask me too much. If you are willing to help me, I will invite you to dinner tonight. If you are not willing, I will leave at the worst. "The girl said," You are still not easy to get close to. Well, come on, what do you want me to do? " "Introduce me to all the friends you know who are lesbians. To be exact, introduce me to a friend." "Your friend, girl?" "No, it's a man." "Why?"? Is he handsome? "Don't always get off the subject. Answer my question first. Can you help me?" "It's not easy.". Since it's a lesbian,large artificial blossom trees, it's a big deviation from my aesthetic taste, but I can help you ask those boyfriends, maybe they will know. But why are you looking for those women? ?


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